Coaching Skills for Leaders

Coaching Skills for Leaders

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Coach training for executives, managers and leaders within your organisation.

This online training builds on the existing skill set of your leaders and managers by applying the coach approach within your organisation. 

Applying the coach approach in the workplace:

  • Increases creativity, innovation, learning and knowledge
  • Facilitates fuller use of individual strengths and talents
  • Enhances communication and collaboration
  • Amplifies motivation and develops self-reliance
  • Strengthens employee engagement resulting in higher retention rates
  • Supports organisational culture shifts
  • Develops empowered decision-making
  • Increases performance and productivity.

    This 20 hour online program expands your leaders' coaching competencies and effectiveness. This professional coaching course is designed for executives, managers and leaders.

    Program Objectives

    Extend your coaching impact and empower others to achieve their professional goals. Apply Leaders as Coaches techniques and build on your leadership skills.

    Date & Location

    This course is on demand and is held online via live virtual training. 

    This program offers:

    • NZIC coaching qualification
    • 2 trainers to provide in-the-moment feedback and support
    • trainers who are experienced coaches with an ICF credential
    • on-going support, mentoring and networking to ensure you succeed in achieving your coaching goals
    • small groups - maximum of 16 coach trainees per course.

    Learning Objectives

    Expand your coaching skills to:

    • listen at a deep level; receiving information from all of your senses
    • use powerful questions to facilitate coachee awareness and insight
    • build strong and authentic relationships with colleagues
    • partner with your coachee in full presence
    • promote coachee accountability and progress
    • become more comfortable with emotions and feelings
    • use direct communication
     And be able to:
    • coach with and without tools
    • work with coachee insights for maximum value
    • coach for clarity and coachee-centred outcomes
    • coach at various levels and stages
    • extend your impact as a professional coach. 

      Your commitment is 5 hours per day for four days over four weeks

      Program Delivery

      This certificate consist of coaching theory, discussion and practice. At least 50% of the course involves practical application of the skills learned. 

      Each class within a relaxed and flexible learning environment. Our trainers understand individual learning preferences and are dedicated to ensuring a safe and supportive learning environment.

      A minimum of 6 and maximum of 10 trainees for online training allows valuable time for trainers to deliver feedback and coach through any challenges that may arise. 


      • Minimum 6 trainees 
      • $TBC per person

      Contact Anna to discuss program details and your investment options. We offer discounted rates for non-profit organisations and groups.